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How to Set Your Table

Want to impress your guest with a beautiful table setting? Here is a handy guide to take out all of the guessing, and help you set one amazing tablescape.

Do you ever wonder what side to put the fork and what side for the knife? Well we have a visual chart to make it simple for you.
How to set a table

Step One: The Charger

Some may call it the show plate, but the Charger helps ground the setting of the table design and elevates the look of the overall design. Add in a napkin and some beautiful florals to soften the design and bring color, texture and depth to your tablescape.

Step Two: Flatware

The right flatware is like adding a beautiful piece of jewelry. When setting the flatware remember that the meal items work from the outside in.

Step Three: Glassware

With glassware you can add color or texture in the selection you choose, so have fun.

Step Four: Candles

Add visual depth with different candle heights.


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